How Can a Dental Implant Change the Look of Your Face?

Dental implants deliver a perfect impersonation of a natural tooth. The portion of the implant actually placed in your jaw mimics the function of a tooth's root. The prosthetic tooth attached to the implant is an exact replica of the natural tooth it's replacing. The only thing superior to a dental implant is a natural tooth, but if you need an implant, that ship has well and truly sailed. Although dental implants will change (and drastically improve) your smile, you might not realise that these teeth implants can change the look of your face. Don't worry—it's a change for the better.

Your Jaw

To say that a dental implant will change the look of your face sounds more dramatic than it actually is. Any changes will be subtle and for the better. It all starts in your jaw. That bone is being constantly stimulated by the teeth anchored in it. This means the bone retains calcium and various other nutrients needed to maintain its density. This comes to an end when a tooth is lost.

Loss of Mass

When a tooth exits its dental socket, the jawbone supporting the socket realises that it no longer has to support a tooth. Therefore, its width, height, and overall mass decrease. This can lead to the exterior of the face taking on a sunken look. It's not a matter of simply replacing the tooth (such as with dentures), and this facial sinking can only be reversed with a replacement for the tooth and its root (which is what an implant does). This reminds your jaw that it has a tooth to support.


A reduction in bone mass doesn't automatically reverse itself, which is why some people require bone grafting (which is far less invasive than it sounds) to restore this mass in order for implant placement. That grafting will be redundant without the application of a root substitute, and once the implant is in position, the bone will stabilise. When the dental implant (along with its prosthetic tooth) is in place, your bite has been restored. 

Facial Sinking

The completed dental implant will correct the dimensions of your jaw. If the natural tooth has been missing for some time, any facial sinking should largely reverse itself. If this sinking hadn't yet begun, the implant will prevent it from happening. 

Any changes to your face will actually be your face returning to its look prior to your tooth loss. You won't look in the mirror and see a stranger, but you will see your reassuring old self—complete with a beautifully restored smile.  

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